My day-to-day job

Since March 2005 I have been working as a Software Engineer at CountR Cash Systems GmbH. There I'm mostly developing software using the .NET Framework, some Java, some JavaScript/HTML/CSS and I also spend quite some time responding to e-mail communication, writing documentation, wiki content, and protocol specifications as well as giving telephone support or giving training sessions for customers on location in some cases.

I started in a team developing software for use in call centers/accounting departments of messenger services & other logstics companies. Nowadays I'm leading our Microsoft .NET projects for the back office monitoring/balancing software of our casino/digital signage poducts.

I spend my time:
  • shaping code using Visual Studio,
  • doing code reviews using Eclipse
  • curating our internal Wiki platform using XWiki
  • evolving our protocol specifications using Word
and with other things...

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