Jürgen Maximilian Seifert

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I was born on August 2nd 1980 in Berlin/Mitte. I have been living in Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg from 1980 to 1985. From 1985 to 2001 I have been living in Berlin/Friedrichshain. In February 2001 I settled again in Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg sharing a flat with one of my best friends, Jan. I have been student at the Erich-Fried-Gymnasium in Friedrichshain. There, I had been attending Physics and English major course in 12th & 13th form. I've skipped alternative national service and studied Diplom-Informatiker, which is computer science with a degree between Bachelor and Master, at the Universität Potsdam.

I spend my time: and with other things...

I'm mainly listening to crossover, metal, punk, grunge and alternative rock [note of editor, which i am for myself: this can no longer be hold for true - could not limit myself in such a way any more] ... nevertheless

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Just to have it stated here, I'm would describe myself as an atheist, or inspired by Michael Heilemann's blog as a secular humanist. The past years, I thought it wouldn't be necessary to note this (along with being a non-smoker), as all people surrounding me were mostly the like, but these days, i'm feeling this being very defining characteristics for me & myself.

Some pics of me and the related environment emphasizing my purpose of raising my athletic status:

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